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When Will America Recover?
I just returned from speaking at Oxford and several other British Universities on American politics and the economy.  England, like the United States, has high unemployment and huge government debt.  Many I spoke to believed that the current global economic mess is all our fault.  In a sense, they are right.  As the world's leading economy, our economic health affects everyone, especially trading partners like England.  We are its largest trading and investment partners at $400 billion last year.  Read More...
The Importance of Character
There is nothing we can teach kids that is more important than character. A person needs strong fundamental values and integrity to function fully in the world. People who are raised without values like caring, integrity, honesty, responsibility and respect for themselves or others aren't good parents, citizens or employees.  Read More...
Seeds of Opportunity
On April 13, I released a Chairman's Report examining the issues surrounding agricultural biotechnology and "genetically-modified products." The report, Seeds of Opportunity, is the culmination of a series of hearings held by the House Science Subcommittee on Basic Research, and visits with scientists and research facilities across the country. In my remarks I noted biotechnology's incredible potential to enhance nutrition and health, feed a growing world population, and help protect the environment.  Read More...
Writing is Key in Today's Workplace
Education is key to our children's success and our nation's economic success as well. As Chairman of the Science Subcommittee on Research, I have always fought to improve math and science education. With technological advances revolutionizing the workplace and the classroom, subjects like math and science have become more important than ever before. But it is imperative that our children also learn to write well. Perhaps, no skill is as valuable to the average employee and yet so underappreciated.  Read More...
The Remarkable 20th Century
The Twentieth Century was truly the American century. The progress of this country was propelled by the courage, energy and foresight of our people. And that progress was astounding: The U.S. enjoyed more material progress in the 20th century than there was in the entire world in all the previous centuries combined.  Read More...
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